Welcome to mainecoon.com,  redux. 

The previous version of this site is still available, but most of the information contained in it is literally five-plus years old.  It may also behave a little odd, given that it's sharing some pages with this version of the site.  Use at your own risk.

If you're looking for information on Maine Coon cats you've arrived at the wrong place.  While we're facile with the breed  we're not breeders; the domain name is a consequence of having a particularly bitchy Maine Coon take issue with being moved off the keyboard when were trying to come up with a name eons ago.  If you're looking for general information on the breed you might try the  Cat Fancier's Maine Coon FAQ or  the CFA Maine Coon breed profile. Finally, for a true labor of love, please visit Roy Nijenkamp mainecoon.nl site.

11 Oct 05
Are you a recepient of a "Possible voice from the past" email? If so (or if you just want to know how much information a not too terribly clever pile of code glued together over a weekend can fuse together about you from public sources on the Internet) you can learn more about this experiment here.

18 Oct 05 New site released.  Hopefully maintenance will occur at least somewhat more often than it has in the past.


This time around we're going for simple, meaning no frames and trying to limit navigation to forward, back, up and home.  It this proves to be intractable we'll change it, but for the moment that's the plan.  To that end, here are places you might consider visiting within the site:

At the moment we're chris at mainecoon.com and jenny at mainecoon.com.  Sorry for the lack of direct email links, but even with  a phalanx of spam filters it makes no sense to provide more fodder for the spambots.

Enjoy your stay.  Polite comments and questions on material presented here are welcome.