Welcome to mainecoon.com,  redux. 

If you're looking for information on Maine Coon cats you've arrived at the wrong place.  While we're facile with the breed  we're not breeders; the domain name is a consequence of having a particularly bitchy Maine Coon take issue with being moved off the keyboard when were trying to come up with a name eons ago.  If you're looking for general information on the breed you might try the  Cat Fancier's Maine Coon FAQ or  the CFA Maine Coon breed profile. Finally, for a true labor of love, please visit Roy Nijenkamp mainecoon.nl site.

  • Information on our public NTP servers can be found  here.  You'll want to check here if you believe that machines from our class C are running UDP port scans on you;  invariably this is because you inherited the DHCP lease of someone who was clueless or someone on your network (possibly you) didn't understand what they were doing configuring their client. 
  • Google seems to have indexed pages of our first four oven  Aga being assembled.  We've been living with Agas for a  just shy of 20 years now, first with the one in the photos that's now in storage waiting on our guest house project to kick off, and for the past 14 years or so with a four oven plus matching companion module. Our Aga page gives our impressions of it (the short form is "once you get the fu of it the thing rocks beyond words")  as well as more infomation on what to expect when yours arrives and how to get used to cooking on it.  Safety tip: dinner rolls left in the back of the roasting oven for three weeks will be converted to dinner-roll-shaped approximation of carbon aerogels.
  • The classiccmp archive of DEC schematics are here.  There is something just wrong about a DG guy hosting DEC schematics, but that's the way it worked out.